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The Milling Room

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to reconnect with a dear friend from my teenage days back in Germany. She asked me to pick a restaurant on the Upper West Side and meet her and her lovely daughter. It was kind of short notice for New York standards, but I finally got a reservation at The Milling Room.
I was a little early, but was so fortunate to step right into Happy Hour, 5 dollars per drink, so I ordered a NY Moll (and kept them coming), something refreshing, apple based and super delicious. When my friends arrived we were led into the stunning dining room. It was just absolutely gorgeous with high ceilings, sky lights and large wooden farm tables. It was very comfortable and inviting, and we went ahead and ordered the appetizers, Hamachi Tartar with avocado, cucumber and yuzu, which was extremely fresh, and Grilled octopus with ancho romesco and smoked paprika on a bed of arugula. It was mouthwatering.
Our main dishes were just as amazing. We chose the Long Island Duck Breast with celery root puree, carmelized endive and brandied cherry juice. These were definitely ingredients I had never tried before, and they worked so well. We also chose the Atlantic Codfish with melted leeks, fingerling potatoes and a black truffle vinaigrette. It was so lush and tasty. Drinks, food, service, decor, everything was just wonderful, including the company. I had an awesome time!

The Smith

Just recently after renewing my German Passport on the Upper East Side I was on the hunt for a great lunch and promptly found it. I happened to walk by The Smith, and I had already heard about their excellent food, so I grabbed a table for one without hesitation. I ordered a good old glass of Pinot Noir and a few oysters, I hadn’t had any in a while. These oysters were plump and fresh, and put me In an excellent mood. My entree for this sunny lunch was a New York Strip Steak on Field Greens. It was cooked perfectly, and the greens had a yummy dressing that had me leaving no leftovers, The restaurant it crisp, open and airy, and bustling with an Upper Eastside crowd. I am definitely going back, if not to one of their other locations for dinner!


Take out, take out, take out, it’s what a busy New York chick depends on. Ramen is one of the most popular, at least for me it is, because besides being delicious, it’s also easy to reheat. Sapporo is in the Theater District close to my job, so it’s kind of a go-to for me. On this particular visit I decided on the Sapporo Miso with pork, corn, scallions, leeks, beans sprouts and half a boiled egg. So tasty! Forever trying something new I also ordered Karaage Chicken Buns, which are Japanese fried chicken sandwiches. They consist of flavorful fried chicken with a little bit of sauce or dressing atop of lettuce on a gooey bun-thing. It was definitely different, but I loved it!

I am grateful to have such great people in my life, that even after decades can pop into your city for a meal and reconnect like time has not even passed at all! I’m a lucky chica…

Until next time!

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