A Weekend In Philadelphia


My closest and longest friend is named Georgia, and she lives in South Jersey, right outside of Philadelphia. We have been friends since 1988, and I wouldn’t know what to do without her. I visit her as often as possible, and Halloween is always a time for me to make the trip down there. Lately whenever I get there, her and her husband Paul take me to a Japanese Hibachi restaurant as soon as I arrive. The restaurant is called Yoshimoto ​and is located 3501 Route 42, Black Horse Pike in Turnersville New Jersey. It seems like any other hibachi place, but then when you try their food, it’s a bit above the rest. Everything I ever ate there is delicious and super fresh. To me sushi is sushi, until I eat some that is better, and then I notice the difference, which is the case here. The same is to be said about their hibachi and the service. Don’t get me started on their salad dressing! It’s amazing…… I always go home with a bucket full, and then I eat salads for 2 weeks straight at home!!!

Reading Terminal Market

On my trip out there, we drove up to Philly and visited the Reading Terminal Market, which is a Paradise for foodies. It is the nation’s oldest continuously operating farmer’s market, and is hailed as one of the greatest public markets in the country. I was flabbergasted by the size and choices, even though I went on a day the Amish booths were closed. I can only imagine a day that is in full operation. It’s unbelievable. I tried a few things, and I bought a few things to take home. I definitely have to go back, because I saw a couple of booths that were selling very authentic German food, but unfortunately they were closed, I’ll be back!


Besides the quality time I spent with my BFF, the highlight of my trip was a visit to Sbraga on 440 Broad Street in Philadelphia. It is an earthy yet elegant looking restaurant owned by Kevin Sbraga, winner of Top Chef season 7. He is the first African American to have won! I was lucky enough to have made reservations right around the 5th anniversary of his restaurant. We chose from a tasting menu that was paired with wines. I can’t say enough about the food and the service in this eatery. I was seated at the counter, which allowed me to watch all the food prep, which is quite a treat for me. Our waiter was a young man named Alexis, who explained the wines, and exactly why they were paired with the individual dish. I have never come across a waiter that was so enthusiastic and knowledgeable; he undoubtedly added to my experience. The food, ohhhhh the food?? Hands down one of the best meals I ever had. From the Escargot (which I tried for the very first time), to the melt in your mouth Short Ribs, to the
Pumpkin Ice Cream, it was all an amazing treat on a Halloween night!

Overall I am grateful for some much needed time away, for my friend Georgia, who always has my best interest at heart, her husband Paul, one of the most caring people I know, and Georgia’s son Damiano, who always brings a smile to my face!

Until next time!

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