Every year they pick the 50 best restaurants in the world, and I pay close attention, just because I’m always looking for the next amazing dish I can devour. Number 25 is a place named Pujol in Mexico City, a little too far to drop by for dinner. After a brief investigation it turns out that the Chef, Enrique Olvera, has opened a restaurant right here in New York City, Cosme. With my dear friends Yvonne and Elvira in tow, I got myself some reservations and embarked on my culinary journey of this Mexican Wonderland in the Flatiron District.
It is a beautiful place with casual chic, classy but not stuffy with courteous and knowledgeable staff. It was love at the first Riesling. We ordered 3 appetizers, 3 main dishes, and 3 desserts, and then kind of shared it all. The starters were Uni tostada with avocado and bone marrow salsa, which I already had heard good things about. We also had the scallops with avocado aioli, which were amazing, and Cobia al pastor with pineapple puree, delicious.
The main attraction were a Lobster dish with shiso, ginger mojo and brown butter, the Branzino was a la talla, which is grilled with cinnamon, cumin, and some other delicious things, and last but not least the shot rib, which ended up being my favorite of the night. Our desserts were a warm apple crumb tart, a chocolate cake with peanuts and coconut lime creme fraiche, and Beet Flan with kaffir lime. It was an incredible evening with incredible food. I felt lucky and blessed to have a taste of these creations of a Master Chef.



After dining at Cosme, everything else pales in comparison for a while, I definitely won’t be having any Mexican food in the forseeable future, just so I can relish in the experience. But Sushi would be ok? Iroha is located on 49th Street, and I stopped by to get myself some takeout. I ordered my favorites, a spicy tuna roll and Gyoza. I like to try new things here and there, so I ordered Kara Age, a Japanese style fried chicken, and some chicken meatballs. Both had a nice little char on it, I loved it! I will need some more of these bites. While Iroha is nowhere near the experience you’ll have at the 50 best restaurants in the world, it’s still pretty good food!

Cupcake Market

Ohhh we all love a good cupcake, don’t we? I certainly do. And cookies! I found a cute little place in the East Village named Cupcake Market that makes unbelievably delicious cupcakes, but their main attraction are their huge cookies. The cookies have the faces of celebrities and politicians baked onto them, and it’s quite the mastery! When I went I really, really wanted one that had Kim Kardashian’s crying face on it, but they were sold out. I ended up with an Obama cookie, which may have been even better. The cupcakes are nice and fluffy, and the cookies are not overly sweet, which for me makes them winners. I’ll be back for a refill!

As always I am so grateful for my friends, who enthusiasticly support me in my blogging endeavor and join me for dinner whenever they can. Love these girls….

Until next time!