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I’m always and forever out to eat, and you can say I’ve become quite the expert at where to find what in which category. And I 100% know where the most delicious food can be found. Below you find three restaurants that are a little bit off the beaten path and serve some scrumptious grub, that I feel you should definitely try!

Sushi by Bou

Sushi by Bou is a fast growing dining experience that is nothing like you have ever experienced. With three locations in Manhattan, one in the Versace Mansion in Miami, and one more in the works here in the New York, you simply need to give this a try. A 12 piece Omakaze will run you $50, you have a 30 minute time limit per seating, and there will be fun drinks to purchase with it, plus of course Sake. The Omakase includes Botan Shrimp, Salmon Roe, Sea Urchin, Fatty Tuna (my favorite), and Scallop. I love to be surprised, and this one did just that. It’s fun and different, and the sushi is very fresh and tasty. I went to the Times Square location, located in the Sanctuary Hotel. Walk down the stairs, past the graffiti plastered doors, and enjoy! I love this spot!

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Every year I attend the NYC Food and Wine Festival, and like clockwork, there is one stand I fall in love with, and this year it was Khe-Yo. It’s Laotian food. Never tried it? Me either, until then. But please do. It’s incredible. Or maybe it’s just the chefs Soulaphet Schwader and Marc Forgione? Who cares, it’s addictive. We stopped by at lunch, and it was super crowded. Although they don’t have a Michelin Star (yet?), they are recommended by the Michelin Guide. Our lunch consisted of Lollipop Chicken Wings with a sweet chili glaze (super crispy), Nong-Khai Style Pho (with brisket, oxtail and eye round), and a Market Bowl with Pork Belly and Sticky Rice. Hands down amazing.

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Henry at Life Hotel

Hotel restaurants have come such a long way. No more chicken fingers and sandwiches (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but lots of hotels have stepped up their game and added some very excellent dining to their repertoire. The Life Hotel on 31st Street has added J.J. Johnson, a young, exciting, James Beard nominated chef, who has created a menu with tastes of Africa and the Caribbean. I have been wanting to try this restaurant for quite some time, and I finally got the chance. It is extremely hard for me to find food I have never tasted before, but this place definitely surprised me. I had the Tuna Tartare with Bennie Seeds, Shiso and a Peanut Curry Crunch, which were fresh and delicious. Next were Shrimp & Pork Dumplings in Harlem Curry with Portuguese Sausage and a Plantain Chip. This was just outstanding! The main dish was Roasted Jerk Chicken with Soy-Braised Collard Greens and Rice and Peas. It had a nice little kick to it, I really liked this version of the classic dish. I was everything I hoped for.

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