It’s that time of year! just a few more weeks and we’ll be seeing Halloween decorations all over the stores, fall is right around the corner. This is also the time when I do a last run for ice cream. There are seemingly endless options for this frozen treat here in New York, so I love to find some of the best to report back to you guys about. This year I found some great stuff downtown, and I sure hope you go and give them a try before it’s too cold…


This awesome shop has several locations in downtown Manhattan. A young team of entrepreneurs came together to create this delicious (hormone free, locally sourced and additive free) ice-cream. Wholesome and healthy, these treats are not just delicious, but also helpful, being that a portion of the sales are being donated to the Food Bank for NYC. So yes, it makes eating these yummy treats even more delicious. Pick your cone or cup, or even better: an ice-cream sandwich made of cookies, pick your flavor and your toppings, and enjoy summer. I’m loving this place.

For more information on Oddfellows click here

Big Gay Ice Cream

This awesome place is located in the East and in the West Village. Starting out with an ice-cream truck, this business flourished quickly due to their creative and delicious icy creations. Fun flavors with fun looks and fun names like Monday Sundae and Rufus, it’s a summer destination not to be missed. On our visit we tried the Salty Pimp and the Mermaid, and we absolutely loved it.


For more info on the Big Gay Ice Cream shop click here

Ice & Vice

Way down on the Lower Eastside, close to Chinatown, you find Ice & Vice, with a sister store in the Times Square area. The treats being offered are traditional ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt, all in flavors off the beaten path, which makes it even more fun, As usual you can choose between cones and cups, and also a sample plate of five different flavors. On this day we tried 9AM (Vietnamese coffee), Basic B (Mexican Vanilla and Sea Salt), Milk Money (Toasted Milk and Chocolate Ganache), Opium Den (Sesame, Poppy and Lemon Bread Crouton), Amaretto Sour (Orange Tang, Almond and Rye Cherry), as well as Frosé (Raspberry, Rose and Rhubarb). Totally amazing….

For more info on Ice & Vice click here