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At least once a year my girlfriends and I take a trip to Boston. Most of us are Red Sox fans, and we always attend a ballgame at Fenway Park, which to me is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Depending on the weather, one should try to indulge in a cup of New England clam chowder here, but at 90 plus degrees with crazy humidity, I personally opted for an Italian sausage. But Boston has so much more to offer in the culinary department, and here is some of the excellent food we had on this trip!

Saltie Girl

Located in the Back Bay Area of Boston, Saltie Girl is a charming little restaurant serving award winning seafood. The place is beautiful, set inside a brownstone, pretty tiles draw your eyes into the bar area immediately. Seating is provided at the bar and in a few nautical booths. Sorry, no reservations, sign your name, and come back later! Only the patient people get to dine here. Besides the highly acclaimed raw bar, Saltie Girl is known for its tinned cans of fish and seafood, which you can order separately and sort of make your own h’ordeuvres with bread and crackers. Genius!

On this visit however, we chose our food from the kitchen (and raw bar). We started with an assortment of raw oysters, plump, fresh and delicious. Sauces are served in little medicine-like bottles with droppers, too adorable (and practical). My choice for the main dish was of course a lobster roll, made with mayonnaise, served cold, and that was oh so fresh and delicious. The rest of us had a Snow Crab Toast with avocado and pistachios, a Warm Spicy King Crab Roll with avocado and soy paper, while our group’s vegetarian thoroughly enjoyed her cheese plate. We all swooned, we all left happy, it was well worth the wait.

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Sweet Cheeks Q

This is hands down one of my favorite restaurants in Boston. Located on Boylston Street, close to Fenway Park, this place serves BBQ extraordinaire. The owner Tiffani Faison is one of my beloved Top Chef contestants, having competed in the acclaimed series’ very first season. (Her birthday happens to be a day before mine, and she was born in Germany as I was, so she has a special place in my heart). Her food? Top notch. And yes, please move your belt up a notch, because you will want to eat too much at this BBQ joint. Your grub will be served tray style, but still manage to look beautiful with the use of color and placement. Being that we traveled all day, and just left Fenway Park, we didn’t order much food between the four of us, nevertheless it was enough to fall back in love with the goodies.

On this warm summer night we had a Heritage Pulled Pork Sandwich with with pickles and onions, accompanied by a tin cup of Mac ‘n’ Cheese topped with bread crumbs, and a Watermelon salad. We also shared an order of Fried Green Tomatoes with a spicy dip, and a bucket of (heavenly) biscuits with honey butter. It’s just an awesome place, and I will be back for sure. Again.

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Allston Art and Food Tour

I’m usually not a big fan of food tours, I find all the different foods overwhelming, but after having attended this tour in the Allston part of Boston, I stand corrected. Over the span of two plus hours, walking around to admire some pretty amazing street art, I thoroughly enjoyed all the bites. Our tour guide Alice, besides being super sweet and knowledgeable, timed our culinary firsts perfectly. Below you will find pictures not only of the food we tried, but also of some of the art we got to admire.

We had pork dumplings at Dumpling Kingdom, Bulgogi Quesadillas, Veggie Kimbap and Tteokbokki at Coreanos, Street Corn and Kimbucha at Whole Heart, a 3-Cheese Grilled Cheese and a pickle from Grillo’s at Roxy’s, and Blueberry Shortbread ice cream at Fomu Ice Cream. For me personally, most of these bites were firsts, and I loved all of them!

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I don’t want to forget to give a shout out to my girls Denise, Fawn and Jean, all of us strong characters who take life by the horns and manage to be patient and accepting of each other and our quirks and oddities. My only regret is that our 5th chica Wen wasn’t there!

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