I have honestly never met anyone who doesn’t like pizza. Even bad pizza is still pretty good pizza, let’s face it. I live in the Bronx, and an amazing pie is minutes away at all times. My favorite around my way is Frank’s Pizza on Middletown Road (pictured above), but today I wanna give you some inside info on some pizzas that I not only love, but that are also a little out of the norm.


Prince Street Pizza

Serving square slices with spicy pepperoni, this SoHo spot is extremely popular for good reason. The Spicy Spring Street Slice is their  best seller, the crust is thick, the pepperoni tiny and crispy. I can’t get enough…

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Artichoke Pizza

With their flagship pizzeria on 14th Street in Manhattan, Artichoke Basille Pizza might be one of my favorite things to eat ever. Two cousins have come together to create the perfect creamy, velvety slice of pizza with spinach, cheese and artichoke….

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L&B Spumoni Gardens

I rarely get to Brooklyn, at least not past downtown or Williamsburg, but about once a year I do make the trip to Spumoni Gardens in Bensonhurst. Their ice cream reminds me of my childhood in Germany, but the main attraction is their square pizza. This amazing slice lays down the mozzarella first, and then the sauce on top. It’s simple yet amazing, and worth the trip!

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This restaurant has recently opened, and their chef, who is straight outta Italy, has brought along the concept of the Pizza Wallet. It’s a small round slice that gets folded twice over in wax paper, perfect for on the go. I may or may not have tried all of them….

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This is actually one of the oldest pizzerias in NYC. All the way up in East Harlem, they serve Brick Oven pizza, which is not uncommon in the city, but they are one of the few, if not only, to serve them by the slice. Drenched in tradition, this delicious slice warrants an Uber ride uptown!

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