#DrinkOfTheWeek: Pain Killer

Yaaas! It;s FINALLY in the 80’s! It’ just a beautiful day! I have already been roaming around 3 of our 5 boroughs, and tonight I’m attending my first game at Yankee Stadium. (I’m really a Red Sox fan, but I’ll go for good company and a footlong Hot Dog). And it is Saturday, that means my Drink of the Week is due. It’s another refreshing cocktail. Don’t ask me why it is called Painkiller, I didn’t come up with it!! It’s sweet and coconutty, you will definitely enjoy this concoction!



What you’ll need:2 oz dark rum

2 oz pineapple juice
2 oz orange juice
1 oz Coco Lopez

Shake all ingredients in a Martini shaker with ice, then pour over fresh ice and enjoy!

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