It might be a little early to break out the Tropical  Cocktails, but I was just in one of those moods…..

Ladies’ Night is a Rum Punch that is sweet, fruity and tasty, and yes, gentlemen can just as easily enjoy this drink. You can add bitters to this drink if you like, although I chose not to. The level of sweetness of this cocktail depends on how much Grenadine you choose to add, the more, the sweeter of course.


What you’ll need: 

2 oz Captain Morgan (Quality spiced rum of your choice)1 oz pineapple juice
1 oz orange juice (I squeezed my own)
Splash of Grenadine
Fresh lime juice

One trick: shake the rum with a slice of lime with ice in a shaker, then pour over ice and add the remaining ingredients. Makes it even more delicious.