NYC Ramen

Baby, it’s cold outside. Here in New York City we have successfully reached the winter-winter. Temperatures are fluctuating between 35 and 10 degrees, nothing we wear seems warm enough. Mom used to give us soup in this weather, Chicken Soup being the main go-to. You just have to warm up from the inside out sometimes. But aren’t we grown-ups? Ok, yes we can make a chicken soup, or get one at the local deli, but why not upgrade? I mean, it’s New York, we have some of the best food in the country. Fast forward: Ramen. Yes, you can make your own, it’s not super hard, and you can even get some decent instant ones, you just gotta dress them up a little. I, for one, like to go grab a bowl in one of our many excellent Ramen spots, strategically placed all over the boroughs. Below find some of my favorite ones, that will warm your heart and soul.

Rai Rai Ken

This spot has been on my list forever, and I finally got to go! Coupled with Curry Ya, Rai Rai Ken serves some of the best Ramen in town. They have two locations, one uptown, and one in the East Village. I visited downtown, and I’m so glad I did. I chose the Curry Ramen, accompanied by a vegetarian croquette (recommended by the super nice server), and I can happily report that this was without question the best Curry Ramen I ever had. Absolutely delicious, seasoned perfectly, that croquette was the perfect addition, two thumbs up.

Momosan Ramen & Sake

Well, most of us know Masaharu Morimoto from the Food Network, Iron Chef to be exact, so you kind have to and try out his restaurants, if you’re anywhere near them. And I did. I went to Momosan at lunch time, trying to get out of the cold. Lucky for me, they have a lunch special: A bowl of ramen of your choice with a side order of your choice, both for under $20. Can’t go wrong with this. I chose the Tokyo Chicken Ramen with steamed chicken, menma, and musshroom ahi-tama. Absolutely yummy. It ‘s just honestly is quality food.

Dock Asian Eatery

Is Brooklyn in the house? On a recent business excursion, I came across Dock Asian Eatery in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and it was just in time, I was possibly freezing to death, so a bowl of ramen seemed just what the doctor ordered. Here, they have many dishes from all sorts of asian countries, but of course I zeroed in on the soupy delights. I went with the tradional Tonkotsu Ramen, consisting of Pork bone broth, chashu, boiled egg, scallions, bamboo shoots ad sesame. This was not only really good, but probably also one of the prettiest of them all. I’m so glad I came across this place, and if you happen to be in Bushwick, this is the place to go.

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