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I have been on a total Ramen kick lately. I can’t get enough. I don’t really worry about why I crave certain foods at certain times, Lord knows I’m not pregnant, so I usually just give in to my cravings. My only concern is weather or not it’s going to end up tipping my scale in the wrong direction. So please be prepared for lots of Ramen posts, and do follow my lead, I promise I’m locating the really good stuff for you!

Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop

Are you even a foodie if you haven’t watched Chef’s Table on Netflix? If you haven’t, then please do. It’s Food Documentaries at their best. Ivan Orkin and his inspiring story is one of the featured segments, and about a year ago I visited (and loved!) his restaurant on the Lower Eastside. Not too long ago he opened a new spot on 11th Avenue in more of a food court setting, and while it’s not the pretty restaurant downtown, the flavors haven’t suffered a bit! My hands down favorite is Chicken Paitan Ramen which has a rich and creamy chicken broth, minced Sesame Chicken with Rye noodles, topped off with scallions and a soft boiled egg. I can’t get enough of it. Salty and rich, it’s addictive.

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I closely follow Mr. Adam Platt’s suggestions on where to find the best grub (he writes for Grub Street), and not only do I aspire to be just like him one day, God willing, but I have also never once been disappointed in any of the restaurants he recommends. Nakamura is one of them.

Just in time to take shelter from a thunder storm, I ventured into this quaint and charming restaurant on the Lower Eastside, practically next to the Manhattan Bridge. Of course I already knew what I was going to order: Tontoro Pork Ramen. It has a soy based pork broth, creamy and delicious, with chashu pork, spinach, nori and chewy noodles. (Chashu pork is braised pork belly). You’d think that ramen is so simple, you can’t get it wrong, but then you get a bowl of this, and you just realized there is a vast difference, because you just tasted something great. It was absolutely fantastic. A classic must-try.

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Talk about different! This is not a restaurant as you know it. American tradition is out the window right here. You are being seated in a booth-like setting, the little wood walls being folded in, if you are more than one diner. It’s credit card only, no tips allowed. When you’re ready to order, just ring the bell, the waiter will raise the bamboo blinds and take your order.

There isn’t much on the menu, basically “just” Ramen that can be either ordered “classic” or a la carte, which is the basic Ramen adjusted to your liking. Tonkotsu Ramen to be exact. Sounds meh? Oh no. It’s friggin delicious! A long menu can be unnecessary if you know what you want, and when you come here, you just want the classic ramen with the little dollop of spicy red sauce. It’s all that and then some.

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