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Ok, so right now we are still in Phase 2 of NYC’s reopening after the shutdown due to Covid-19. New York City’s residents are smart, and we flattened the curve in record time, as a matter of fact, new positive cases are below 1%. Inside dinging was supposed to restart on July 6th, but while watching the rest of the country having huge numbers of new cases and infections, and keeping in mind that a few younger people here in NYC are not exactly socially distancing, the mayor and the governor took it off the table for now. Luckily most restaurants have found a way to have outside seating, and most of us are ok with waiting a little longer, for the sake of the communal health. In the meantime, I don’t see why we can’t have a little bit of sweet stuff in our lives. Most bakeries are open for takeout, including the ones I’m featuring below. When it comes to Milk Bar, check online which ones are open, because some of them have temporarily closed.

Milk Bar

Are you a die hard foodie? If so, you are aware of David Chang and his Momofuku restaurants. And if you watched Chef’s Table on Netflix, then you are also in the know of Christina Tosi and their connection to each other. Christina was at some point a safety consultant and pastry chef for David Chang, and stumbled onto an accidental recipe for a pie, that she baked for her coworkers as a family meal contribution. It was so delicious, that everyone wanted more and more, and they named it Crack Pie for its addictive nature. And that’s what started it! With a little time and patience, Milk Bar was born, and it is now a huge success. Give it a bite and you will be hooked as well.

Of course I had to visit their original location on 13th Street. It’s small, 80’s music is playing, I immediately love it there. What did I order? A Crack Pie of course. And a bunch of cookies (flavors are Compost, Chocolate Chocolate, Confetti, Blueberry & Cream, Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow, Corn, and Fruity Marshmallow). And please treat yourself to some Birthday Cake Truffles, they’re beyond delicious. There is probably nothing that anyone wouldn’t like about the pastries that come out of the Milk Bar kitchen. It is sweet, but not too sweet, maybe even with a touch of salt, the pie crust itself is amazing. Crack is the correct description.

For more info on Milk Bar click here

Bourke Street Bakery

A little over a year ago, I saw an article online about a new bakery in town, and that lines were reaching down block and around the corner. Immediately my culinary curiousity was at its peak. For one reason or another, I wasn’t able to get there until recently, and things were nice and calm then, the line was acceptable. Honestly, I was surprised to see no fanfares, no huge selection of pastries, or whatever I thought they should be serving, it was as plain as plain Jane. So I asked the nice young man next to me: What’s the big deal here? What’s the hype all about? Ok, it’s Australian, we probably don’t have one here, what’s up? He said: Just pick something and try it. You’ll know then. So I ordered.

I ordered the Carrot Cake, a Blood Orange & Almond Cake, a Roasted Pistachio Tart, and a Cinnamon Bun. I tried all, I shared some, reluctantly. I understand the line now. It was simply exceptional. Everything was delicious, while somehow managing to taste healthy, if that’s possible at all. It wasn’t drenched in sugar, the flavors were authentic and fresh, you can taste the quality and care. I will return soon to buy some of their bread products, because I’m confident they will be as fresh and travel worthy as most likely everything there….

For more info on Bourke Street Bakery click here


Who’s the new kid on the block? Someone from Sweden? Hm, let’s see what that’s all about. Fabrique is New York Ciry’s latest addition to the myriad of bakeries from all over the world. As you might know by know, I am an original German citizen, transplanted to New York many moons ago, but I do still long the taste of Northern European food, and of course their pastries. Fabrique has 19 bakeries in Sweden, and I believe 7 in London (Don’t quote me, I could be off by a couple), and now we have one of our very own here in the Big Apple.

I was super lucky, because as I walked in, the smell of cardamom was permeating the whole store, as they just finished a fresh batch in the back, where all the baking happens. Of course I had to have one, and I accompanied it by a Pain Au Chocolat, a Blueberry Crumble, and a Raspberry Cake. May I say Oh My God? I was transported right back into my childhood, if only for a moment. Every bite (that I shared with my son Nicolas) was spectacular, heart warming, and undoubtedly European. I adore this place.

For more info on Fabrique click here

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Hello there, fellow foodies! My name is Erica, I was born and raised in Germany, and moved to the US, New York City to be exact, in July of 1987. I have worked most of my time here in the Big Apple as a bartender, but my true love is food. I cook just about every day, I search for good food everywhere, and pretty much always find it. I don't consider myself a food critic, I don't have the culinary background for that kind of expertise. I do however know good food, good chefs and good restaurants. I report back about my culinary adventures, and I choose to leave out my unsatisfactory experiences. We have enough negativity in our daily lives, I don't want to add to that. All the recipes in my FROM MY KITCHEN and DOTW blogs are cooked and prepared by me. All pictures are taken by me. I don't always eat everything you see in my pictures, but you bet your buns, I do try everything. Last but not least, you should know that I am a huge Top Chef fan. I have never missed an episode of the Bravo TV show. I have at this point visited almost 20 restaurants run by Top Chef contestants, and I'm continuously impressed by their skill, drive and passion. So I will continue to seek them out, and I hope you join me in my journey!

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