NYC Soup Dumplings

I think it’s safe to say that every Chinese restaurant serves dumplings. But not all serve soup dumplings, which happen to be on the top of my favorite things to eat. The yummy filling together with the splash of soup, combined with a few drops of soy sauce make me do a little chair dance, I love them so much. For one to figure out which restaurant has these delicacies on the menu, you’d have to do some research first, so you won’t go home disappointed and with unhappy stomachs. Of course you can count on me to do the research for you, and I also tasted them for you (Oh, the sacrifice!). Here are five restaurants that serve what you need!

[Of course also see my blog on dumplings from last year!]

Little Alley

A group of entrepreneurs got together and opened this restaurant to cook the food they grew up eating in Shanghai, and the result is some of the most authentic Chinese food in the city. For $10 you can have some of the best soup dumplings maybe ever. Filled with pork, crab, ginger, oyster oil and sesame oil, they’re heavenly.

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The Bao

Down on St. Mark’s Place in the East Village you can still get a little flair of what New York City used to be, before it all changed so drastically. The Bao is located a couple of blocks from Astor Place, and are definitely known for their soup dumplings. And for good reason. They’re delicious! I went with the classic pork filled dumplings, and yes, they’re all that.

For more info on The Bao click here

Real Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns

Maybe it’s the blonde in me, but the buns always get me confused. Sometimes they’re actually little buns, sometimes they’re soup dumplings. It’s not a huge area of concern, being that I love both, so it’s a win/win type of situation, but here at Real Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns in the Theater District, they definitely are soup dumplings. And very delicious ones, might I add. Here I also ordered the pork and crab meat combo for $10.95. Worth every penny!

For more info on Little Kung Fu click here


Hutong is pretty new in the city! I recently went to dinner here with my daughter, and everything was absolutely impressive. Including their soup dumplings, which of course I couldn’t resist. Hot and Sour Pork Xiao Long Bao are exquisite! They are a must on any visit here. Not only are they delicious, but they are also possibly a little prettier than most soup dumplings I had …..

For more info on Hutong click here

Red Peony

Red Peony is located on 56th Street, close to the Theater District. Upon walking in, you feel directly transported to Chinatown, the decor, the staff, it’s uncanny! As I took a seat I scan my fellow diner’s plates, and lo and behold they are HUGE plates. I came with the intention of tryin their Chicken Steamed Buns, which were absolutely scrumptious, but I promise I’ll be back for more. This place looks just great!

For more info on Red Peony click here

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