Quick Bites in NYC

I’m not sure if New York City is still the city that never sleeps, over the past decade it’s been getting very sleepy between 4 and 6 am on the streets. But the daytime is more bustling than ever. The stream of people moving to the Big Apple is endless. And it takes a lot of work to make it here, so people are rushing, working, and rushing again. Lunch? Sometimes you’re lucky and you can dine out in comfort, but Monday through Friday, usually lunch comes from either home, a food truck, fast food or Chipotle-type eateries. And you know what? They’re mostly pretty good! Below are a few great ideas for lunch (or whichever meal…).

Balade Your Way

Casual, Middle Eastern and delicious, this counter style restaurant serves fresh and clean food. You can pick from bowls and wraps, whether they are custom or off the menu. Two Shawarma block are happily rotating, waiting to get shaved off for your consumption. Order your classic Middle Eastern Dishes like Zaatar and Jebne, snack on pita and hummus (jalapeño is my favorite), grab a dessert like Mouhalabie. They honestly have everything your heart could possibly desire. Happy Lunch!

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Dill And Parsley

Dill and Parsley is very similar to Balade Your Way. It is also Middle Eastern (even though upon further investigation it’s actually Turkish food). You will also find Shawarma here, hot and delicious, freshly made on the premises. Choose at the counter from a bowl, wrap, mini bowl or pita pocket and then pick your base and toppings. I tried two bowls, and between the two of them, I pretty much had every topping and protein, it was an absolute delicious mess. There are salads and snacks and desserts, it’s a great lunch option.

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Gourmet Garage

While equally as fabulous, the Gourmet Garage is run a little different, with basically much more options. You can order sandwiches, grab a soup (hot or in a container for later), there is fresh sushi. Orwasher’s has a its delicious bread and sweets at a counter there. Then there are different sections where you can pick fresh cheese, fish, cold cuts, salads, warm prepared dishes, I can’t think of anything that you can’t buy there. Depending on the location you can dine counter style inside and/or outside. This place is great and literally has everything. Don’t miss out.

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