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Ok guys, Restaurant Week is going on for another three days, so take advantage, these awesome deals don’t come back around until the winter time! I had so many reservations this year (and I still have two to go). I always dine with my readers in mind, so this time I was seeking out Sushi restaurants that participated, and had great food to offer.


Suzuki is located in Midtown. It’s an Izakaya type of restaurant (Izakaya means it’s a restaurant that serves small plates alongside cocktails, kind of like Happy Hour), that’s sisters with Satsuki Sushi Bar, headed by Chef Toshio Suzuki, which has earned a Michelin Star, so you will have some super fresh and amazing Sushi here. I went for the 3-course dinner in this romantically lit and elegant restaurant.

My appetizer was a Salmon Salad with a White Miso Dressing, which had raw salmon on it with promises of freshness in the upcoming sushi course. The Miso dressing was delicious, I pretty much inhaled this salad. The main course was Kaisen Don, an assortment of sashimi on a bed of white rice with a side of Miso soup and some Japanese pickles. I can’t say enough of the freshness of this sushi. It was outstanding. I finished off the dinner was a lovely Green Tea Ice Cream. This was a delicious bargain not to be missed during Restaurant Week!

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Mifune is a high end Japanese restaurant, located on the Upper Eastside. It is named after Toshiro Mifune, a beloved Japanese actor. While the restaurant itself does not (yet?) have a Michelin Star, some of the chefs here have worked in Michelin starred eateries and are elvating the game here. Chef Hiroki Yoshitake and Shion Uino have been working at and with Michelin starred restaurants in Tokyo and Paris. My experience here was amazing, at no point did I feel I was at a Restaurant Week dinner.

My appetizer was Duck Leg Parmentier. Up until that day I had no idea what that was, so I ordered it just to try something new, and it was so, so good, It’s main ingredients are (basically mashed) potatoes with duck legs with confit, topped by a poached egg, and I’m going to need a lot more of this. My main course was the Chirashi Sushi and Sashimi Box, which came in three stacked Hexagon shaped boxes, one containing sushi and vegetables, one had rice and roe, and the other had rice with mushrooms and Kabocha. Lovely, thoughtful and delicious. My dessert was a Matcha Crème Brulée, what a nice spin on this traditional sweet treat! I loved this place.

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This fun restaurant is located in the Times Square area, and it’s very spacious. The chefs are cooking in the back in an elevated kitchen area, overlooking the diners. Besides sushi, this establishment serves “Robata-Yaki”, which is basically a Japanese form of barbecueing . The atmosphere is relaxed and fun, it’s a little too warm in some areas, but that’s overshadowed by the delicious food.

My appetizer was Trio Carpaccio, a Martini glass filled with raw tuna, salmon and yellowtail, almost like a ceviche. Delicious. My main course was Assorted Sushi, consisting of Tuna, Yellowtail, Salmon, Salmon Roe, Botan Shrimp, Orata and a California roll. It was fresh and tasty, and it was served on an oat with a long handle by the sushi chef in the elevated kitchen! (I was seated at the counter). My dessert was Monaka, which was basically vanilla ice cream inside a waffle with chocolate syrup. It was really good food with a fun atmosphere, I recommend!

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