Restaurant Week Must-Tries

Twice a year, every foodie’s dream comes true. Restaurant Week! In the winter, and in the summer, for about four weeks each, NYC’s restaurants open their doors to spoil us with discounted meals: $26 for a 2 course lunch, $42 for a 3 course dinner. Countless restaurants are participating, and it’s that time where you try that restaurant everyone’s talking about, or to finally make reservations to a place where you really couldn’t swing the prices. Of course there are endless must-tries, but here are three that should be on everyone’s list! Go book your table….

The Bar Room @ The Modern

The Modern is located inside the Museum Of Modern Art on W53rd Street. It has 2 Michelin stars, and is one of the premier restaurants in New York. Executive Chef Abram Bissell serves up French/American fare, plated as beautiful as the art inside the museum. Spacious and sunny, with art on the walls, it’s beautiful and elegant. There’s no dress code, but you’ll feel awkward in your sweat pants. The large room is separated into 2 sections: the bar room, and the Modern. Restaurant Week is only in the bar room, which bummed me out a bit, because the windows of the Modern are looking into a garden filled with art. But hey, I came for the food, and it was lovely.

Our picks from the Restaurant Week menu were: for appetizers a Shaved Melon Salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and Togarashi, a Chilled Corn Soup with wild rice and confit tomato. For the main course we chose Crispy Skin Salmon with roasted eggplant and tomato broth, and Roasted Chicken with cassoulet of summer beans & parsley. Our desserts were a Pavlova with Mascarpone cream and mixed berry compote and Chocolate Decadence are with crème fraìche and vanilla ice cream. It was one of the bet meals I’ve had all year, the freshness, the precision, the the thoughtful combination of flavors was heart warming. It’s an absolute must for Restaurant Week.

For more info on The Modern click here

Momofuku Nishi

Everyone should have heard of Momofuku by now. David Chang originated this chain of restaurants all over the US, serving Asian food, fried chicken, ramen, all kinds of different stuff, as long as it’s delicious. Momofuku Nishi here in New York City, in Chelsea, is David Chang’s and Executive Chef Nick Tamburo’s take on Italian food, and it’s been on my list for way too long.

I went for Restaurant Week lunch to finally get a taste, and I just adored this place. My appetizer was the most delicious White Gazpacho with grapes and Trout Roe, my main course was a thick slice of Beef Brisket with yuzu and charred cucumber. The plates were whimsical and so, so pretty, the food was so surprisingly different and tasty, I couldn’t get enough. I was able to also score a little dessert: Frozen Vanilla Mousse with Amaro and black lime sauce, different and delicious. You must try.

For more info on Momofuku Nishi click here


If you know good food, you know Jean-Georges Vongerichten. He has several restaurants in New York City, most of them donning numerous awards. Jojo is located on the Upper Westside in a beautiful little townhouse. With fresh and elegant decor, you feel spoiled upon entry. The Restaurant Week lunch hour is filled with chic diners, a touch of luxury is in the air.

Lunch consists of Everything Crusted Calamari with avocado-jalapeño salsa verde and Chili Garlic Marinated Grilled Chicken with piperade and potatoes. The flavors are fresh and sophisticated, packing just enough of a punch of heat. It is always a treat to have a meal at one of Jean Georges’ establishments, and this one is a must!

For more info on Jojo click here

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