Five Food Trucks

Food Trucks have come such a long way. Years ago you had your choice between a dirty water hot dog and a kebab truck. Nothing wrong with that, however: these trucks have evolved! I’m forever roaming around the city, either looking for good food, or taking pictures, or being busy with every day tasks. There is always a good food truck around any corner, mostly between the hours of 11 am and 3 pm, that’s besides the breakfast trucks. There are plenty of business people and office workers around that time, looking for a bite for lunch. I have tried a myraid of them, and here are five more of my favorites!

Jerk Pan

On 48th Street and Park Avenue you will find a full size black food truck, smelling so delicious for at least half a block, you almost have no choice to at least go check it out. Monday through Friday from 11 30 am until 2 pm, you will be able to follow that aroma into Jamaican culinary heaven. I found it almost unbelievable how much flavor you can get out of that little truck! Choose from Jerk Chicken, Curry Goat, Oxtail and other Jamaican delicacies accompanied by Rice and Peas. The servings are large, the price is low, the taste is unmatched. I love this truck.

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Tuk Tuk Boy

On 50th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues around lunch time is a lineup of food trucks that for the most part have pretty great stuff. One of them is Tuk Tuk Boy, the tiniest little Thai Street Food Truck serving up Thai food with a punch. Each dish is under 10 dollars, serving up Pad Thai, Red Curry, Pad See Ew and other Thai specialties. I have tried a few dishes here, the Red Curry being my favorite. Don’t underestimate them. Their truck is small, their flavor is huge.

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MoMo Delight

Just one block over on 49th Street, the Momo Delight Truck set up camp. I have walked by a few times, peeking, curious. What are MoMos? What’s Himalayan food going to taste like? Well. Turns out you just have to try it, and I’m glad I did. MoMos are Himalayan dumplings! Delicious ones at that. You can order them steamed or fried, your fillings are beef, chicken or vegetable. There are a few other dishes like Chow Mein or Gravy Chicken over Rice, and it’s all good. (Be sure to try all three dipping sauces that come with the MoMos!)

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Uncle Gussy’s

Uncle Gussy’s is a Greek Food Truck that delights us daily from the corner of 51st Street and Park Avenue. I can’t say enough about this truck. Everything here is delicious. Choose from chicken, pork, sausage or lamb. Choose Souvlaki or a salad, a gyro platter or a combo platter. My favorite is the Hercules: pick your protein, it then is served with rice, fries and salad. A standout to me is the packaging. Everything comes in a rectangular insulated box that fits perfectly in a plastic bag, so you don’t end up spilling half of it by the time you get home or back to the office. I love that. Oh, and do try the Veggie platter, which is fried Kolokithoftedes (!) Zucchini balls…. YUM.

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Neapolitan Express

Having resided in the Bronx for almost 20 years, I am a little bit spoiled once it comes to pizza. I live smack in the middle of the Italian neighborhoods, and pizza is a way of life here. No food truck can really deliver in that department. Insert Neapolitan Express. Oh yes they can! Their pizzas are absolutely scrumptious. Starting at $8 and going up to $19 (truffles and artichokes) is a fair price for these pies. Their located all over the city, I’m certain there’s one near you! Besides pizza you can also have a fresh salad or even a Nutella pizza for dessert. I still feel spoiled!

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