Best. Burgers.

OK, I think I have officially researched and actually eaten enough burgers to have an educated opinion on which burgers are actually the best in the city, Besides the amazing burgers I have listed in my prior blog Burger Bonanza, these are my absolute favorite examples of this American classic:

Minetta Tavern. The Award Winner.


The Minetta Tavern Black Label Burger is known to connoisseurs everywhere. Donning a Michelin Star, this restaurant is a mainstay to foodies in the Tri-State area and beyond. It specializes in French Cuisine, and you will find all winners on the menu here. Made from a blend of short rib, skirt steak, dry-aged rib eye and brisket, topped with caramelized onions, the burger here is famous and mouthwatering. It is glistening with butter and buried under an insane amount of fries, you just might question whether or not you can even finish this, but then you do. It’s amazing. The quality of the meats, and the care and choice of ingredients is what makes this burger #1 in my opinion.

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Bowery Meat Company. The New One.


Year after year, whenever you research the best burger in NYC, you pretty much get the same restaurants, there is much to say about consistency. But then there’s the occasional new comer, and of course, if you’re a foodie, eventually you feel compelled to give it a shot. Which is how I came to try this fairly new spot in the East Village. As the name suggests, here you will find everything that’s good about meat in a modern, new-american style. The Cheeseburger here is made of dry-aged beef, and is accompanied by griddled onions, Raclette, and tomato aioli. The fries are in a tin cup, pickles on the side. It is really, really good, and this has instantly become one of my favorite burgers,

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JG Melon. The Classic.


Why fix what’s not broken? If it’s good, let it stay good. I appreciate all the advancements that have been made once it comes to burgers, and all foods at that, but I also love classics when they’re done well. While there have been changes in the recipe itself over time, this old fashioned cheeseburger still comes with pickle medallions, sliced raw onions, and good old sliced American cheese, while the exact recipe of the patty stays an enigma (probably sirloin?). The burger is always cooked a bit longer, so if you want it medium rare, just order rare. Do ask for bacon on top (you’re welcome). The bun is what you will use when you grill your own burger at home, just maybe fresher. Without fanfare, this is one of my favorite burgers. Oh, and. be sure to get the cottage fries with this….

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