Bronx Night Market

Even though technically I’m an immigrant, after 31 years in New York, I consider myself a “real” New Yorker. I have lived in all the boroughs except for Staten Island, having landed in the Bronx in the year 2000, just in time for the famous Subway Series. In 2018, I feel that the Bronx is the most “authentic” New York City borough, while Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn are basically being rebuilt and are housing lots of of people who are just moving here. The reconstruction of these boroughs brings in a ton of new restaurants, and while these three parts of New York are housing the most amazing restaurants, the Bronx seems to be lacking.

But it looks like that is changing now! Robert DeNiro and Massimo Bottura are planning a food court in the South Bronx, things are cleaning up around Yankee Stadium, and now we have a Food Festival at Fordham Plaza! I’m just so excited! The BRONX NIGHT MARKET is going to be held once a month (every last Saturday of the month) at the same location, and it’s the place to be. This collaboration by the magazine Edible Bronx and creative agency Blox houses dozens of local merchants and restaurants, together with live music in an open air setting. Of course I attended the very first one, I was excited to be part of this. It was one of the hottest days of the year, I was tired and cranky, but the awesome food and drinks turned my frown upside down in a heartbeat.

I cooled down with a delicious sangria from the Bronx Brewery and a mango concoction from Creme and Cocoa. My/Mo handed out free samples of mochi ice cream to help us feel chill. Of course I couldn’t try all the food, but together with my daughter, we tried the paella from In Patella, the cod fish cakes from Caspanish, a fried chicken drumstick in a cup from Rib in a Cup, and a lemon cake from Sweet Milk and Sugar. My two favorites (hands down) were the ceviche from Habanero and the street corn dog (chorizo fried in charred corn batter with cilantro aioli, omg) from Pork Cue. There was so much more I wanted to try, I can’t until the next one!

For info on Bronx Night Market click here

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