Dim Sum

Hmmmm, Dim Sum. This traditional Chinese brunch is as popular as ever. Here in New York you can find some of the finest in Chinatown, or even in Queens. Dim Sum menu items are usually the same across the board: dumplings, buns, congees, noodle rolls, all prepared in similar fashion. I have visited these following three restaurants, which to me stand out for different reasons, and are definitely worth a visit!

Tim Ho Wan

After receiving a Michelin Star in Hong Kong in 2009, Tim Ho Wan became extremely popular and opened several locations in Asia. It has now arrived in New York City, amongst 45 locations all over the world at this point. Long lines on Sunday mornings speak of their popularity at its downtown location.

I chose a Tuesday night for a visit, because I don’t do well with long lines, and to me, a dim sum brunch is acceptable at any time of day. Despite the hype, the prices are low, so you can go to town and order whatever you like. Go with friends and order a bunch of stuff, and then share! Dishes I have tried are the Baked Pork Buns (as opposed to steamed), totally delicious; Deep Fried Dumplings with diced shrimp and pork, heavenly; Steamed Rice Roll with BBQ pork; Shrimp and Egg White Fried Eggrolls, the lightest ones I ever had; Steamed Shrimp Dumplings, excellent. Whatever you do, don’t leave without having the custard filled French Toast, no matter what time it is. They are soooo good! This place is worth the wait…

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Nom Wah Nolita

Nom Wah also has a few locations, and I’m pretty sure I have visited them all by now. I just love Wilson Tang’s food. It’s super traditional at the Tea Parlor, and ranges to a little bit more on the modern side here at the Nolita location. Either way, it goes down easy! Here you don’t have your usual sit down meal. You order at the counter, have a seat at the bar type seating, and then you’ll be served a tray of your goodies.

Here I have tried the Pan-fried Chicken Dumplings, the Pork Soup Dumplings (my favorite) and the Scallion Pancakes. All are very traditional dishes with the unmistakable taste of good, fresh ingredients. I also tried the Coca Cola glazed Chicken Wings, which were just scrumptious. Last but not least, I just had to try the Sloppy Joe, which consists of miso braised chicken over rice. Such a different and tasty dish! Great place….

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Red Farm

Red Farm has 2 locations in Manhattan, one downtown and one on the Upper West Side. Their food is truly different, and while sticking to the concept of Dim Sum, they take their menu items to a very creative side. The classic dishes are enriched with modern, innovative twists, and besides being extremely delicious, these plates are just plain fun!

This place is famous for their Pac Man dumplings, which are steamed dumplings with an assortment of fillings with a slice of tempura fried sweet potato, all decorated to look like the game of Pacman. The Scallion Pancakes come with pieces of Applewood Smoked Bacon and delicious dip. The Egg Rolls are filled with Kats’s Pastrami and is accompanied by a mustard dip. On the menu for the daily specials I found Kowloon Filet Mignon Tarts, which were incredible. I absolutely loved this place and its ingenuity!

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