Rings of deep fried dough covered in sugar and/or chocolate? Filled with custard or jam? We love it, It’s donut time! I try not to indulge too much, my waistline has expanded enough ever since I quit smoking, but every once in a while it’s a must. There are so many excellent ones to choose from here in the NYC, here’s one for every day of the week!

Monday : Underwest


This amazing donut was until recently found only at a little shop on 47th Street and West Side Highway adjacent to a car wash, which made for a very interesting location, but not easily accessible. Lucky for us they now opened a branch right outside Penn Station! Their signature donut is the “Carwash”, flavored with vanilla and lavender, and is the most delicious thing ever.

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Tuesday: Dough


Dough has several locations throughout New York City, and to pick a “best one” is impossible. Just try them all and pick a favorite. They’re all amazing. My personal favorite is the Dulce De Leche donut, covered in almonds. Sweet but not too sweet, it has a little crunch from the almonds, it’s edible heaven.

Wednesday: Doughnut Plant


The Doughnut Plant has a fresh assortment with flavors off the beaten path. Matcha Green Tea, Crème Brulée and Oatmeal are just a few that you are not likely to find anywhere else. My personal favorite is the Coconut Creme Donut, large, square and filled with a coconut cream that is to die for.

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Thursday: Peter Pan


You will find this bakery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and it’s the kind of bakery that looks like they haven’t changed much in decades. Bursting with nostalgia, the donuts look like ordinary little things, but one bite will tell a different story: they’re amazing. My favorite: Red Velvet.

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Friday: Pies and Thighs


Pies and Thighs is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Besides some mouthwatering chicken, they also serve up some darn good baked goods. They’re top seller is the Butter Pecan Crunch Donut, and for good reason. It’s scrumptious!

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Saturday: The Doughnut Project


Located in the West Village, this bakery serves handcrafted doughnuts off the beaten path. Blueberry Yuzu, Prosecco Doughnuts, the Everything Doughnut, all are flavors you can only find in this amazing shop. My favorite here was the Chocolate Wasted Doughnut, it was heavenly.

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Sunday: Doughnuttery


This place has several locations, and I visited the one at the Chelsea Market, which might be my favorite place on earth. This location sells little doughnuts in a paper bag, fried and flavored right in front of you, which is a lot of fun to watch. The flavors are unique and playful: Purple Pig, Rosemary Road, Chai Me To The Moon are just a few examples. My personal picks are: Cocoaboy, Coco Loco, Paris Time and Urban Monkey. They’re little bites of Yum.

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