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Supposedly the Germans came up with the name Hot Dog, which only makes sense to me, they are known for their sausages. It also explains why I like them so much, being that I’m German. I’m not one who worries about countless people telling me not to eat them (“If only you knew what was in them”). I’m pretty sure I know what’s inside, and I like them anyway. I’ve had Hot Dogs all over the city, from regular Wieners to fancy shmancy Doges, I find satisfaction in all of them. Here is a list of Hot Dogs worth mentioning and taste testing!

Bacon Hot Dog – Suprema Provisions


This is hands down one of my favorites. It doesn’t actually have the sausage, the hot dog consists of a thick slab of Steakhouse bacon, brushed with Bourbon and Maple Syrup and then grilled, topped with mustard and sauerkraut. It’s absolutely amazing, and good luck trying to only eat one.

Suprema Provisions

Morning Jersey – Crif Dogs


Crif Dogs on St. Mark’s Place is an amazing little shop that makes a myriad of hot dogs in all variations, creative as can be. The toppings and combinations are one of a kind, you’ll never find anything like it. The Morning Jersey is a bacon wrapped hot dog on a fried egg (on a bun), topped with melted cheese. The egg yolk is actually a little runny, it’s unreal. While visiting, make sure you add Tater Tots with cheese sauce. OMG.

Crif Dogs

Cannibal Dogs – Cannibal Beer and Butcher


This duo of hot dogs is on the gourmet side of life. It is served “tiger style”, topped with spicy tripe chili, cilantro, scallion, crispy shallots and spicy mustard. Holy smokes, what a delicious flavor combo. I loved these dogs and everything about this restaurant, which concentrates on meats and beer from all over the world. It’s a must try.

Cannibal Beer and Butcher

Curry Wurst – Schaller & Weber


With all the German food I’ve sampled here in New York City, Schaller & Weber’s food is as authentic as can be. Next to their fabulous supermarket they have a tiny little bar that serves German beer and brats that are out of this world. Currywurst is a German sausage, grilled, then topped with Gewūrzketchup, which is a ketchup containing several herbs and spices, including curry. It is then topped with curry powder, served on a German roll. And it is unbelievably delicious!

Schaller & Weber

Cheddar Brats – Dog and Bone


This friendly neighborhood bar serves a long list of hot dogs and sausages with endless toppings in numerous variations. Their Cheddar Bratwurst is grilled and topped with sauerkraut on a toasted bun, condiments are optional, served on the side. I had mine without any, and it was juicy and full of flavor. Great spot for brats and a game, if you’re not much for tailgating.

Dog and Bone

Banh Mine – Kings Of Kobe


There’s pretty much nothing you can go wrong with at Kings of Kobe, they’re all burgers and hot dogs, and it’s all yummy. But here you can also get a hot dog that’s so different, you can’t get it anywhere else (that I know of!). The Banh Mine hot dog is topped with marinated cucumbers and carrots, cilantro and Sriracha aioli. So, so good….

Kings Of Kobe

Chili Dog – Ray’s Candy Store


Ray’s Candy Store on Avenue A has opened its doors in 1974, and has changed pretty much nothing since then. They are serving everything but the kitchen sink: beignets, French fries, egg creams, fried Oreos, and yes, hot dogs. I got myself a Chili Dog for a minuscule price, and gulped it down. It’s chuck full of flavor, simple, salty and spicy. Gotta go get one!

Ray’s Candy Store

The Original – Feltman’s Kitchen


Feltman’s Kitchen is a tiny little place that usually serves out of a window, but since it was cold out, it grabbed a seat in the neighboring bar, and was served my dog right there. The menu is short and interesting with items like the Al Capone. Since this place originated in Coney Island and is laden with tradition, of course I went with the traditional dog. It had ton of sauerkraut, onions and mustard! Make sure you have napkins ready. What a treat!

Feltman’s Kitchen

Bacon Cheese Dog – Five Guys


Yup, I love me some Five Guys, no big secret. Most of us do, their burgers are pretty darn good. But did you know about their hot dogs? They’ll make them fresh right there, slicing the dog open and cooking it on the grill together with a slice of bacon. It takes a few minutes, and it’s so worth it once they add it to the bun and top it with the cheese. Scrumptious.

Five Guys

The Classic – Nathan’s


This blog would be incomplete if I didn’t add the Nathan’s Hot Dog! Of course you should go to Brooklyn and get one in Coney Island, then promenade on the boardwalk and enjoy the amusement park, but being that it’s freezing in January, I went to one of the many locations in the city and indulged in one of these simple and delicious hot dogs. Kosher, grilled and topped with ketchup and mustard is how we are used to this age old sandwich. You gotta love it!!

Nathan’s Famous

Author: Gotham Foodie

Hello there, fellow foodies! My name is Erica, I was born and raised in Germany, and moved to the US, New York City to be exact, in July of 1987. I have worked most of my time here in the Big Apple as a bartender, but my true love is food. I cook just about every day, I search for good food everywhere, and pretty much always find it. I don't consider myself a food critic, I don't have the culinary background for that kind of expertise. I do however know good food, good chefs and good restaurants. I report back about my culinary adventures, and I choose to leave out my unsatisfactory experiences. We have enough negativity in our daily lives, I don't want to add to that. All the recipes in my FROM MY KITCHEN and DOTW blogs are cooked and prepared by me. All pictures are taken by me. I don't always eat everything you see in my pictures, but you bet your buns, I do try everything. Last but not least, you should know that I am a huge Top Chef fan. I have never missed an episode of the Bravo TV show. I have at this point visited almost 20 restaurants run by Top Chef contestants, and I'm continuously impressed by their skill, drive and passion. So I will continue to seek them out, and I hope you join me in my journey!

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