October Fest In NYC

It’s right about that time, October Fest is upon us. Yes, October Fest starts in September. The exact official duration in Germany is September 16th until October 3rd, but of course we do as we please here in New York. Here are some suggestions on how to celebrate this fun holiday!


Wallsé is not actually German, it is an Austrian restaurant. But since Austria and Bavaria share a border, some of their food is pretty much identical. There will be no festivities at this location, but if you’re in for an upscale authentic meal, this is the way to go. Wallsé dons a Michelin Star and serves fine dining cuisine in a restaurant known for its fine art exposure. I had the pleasure of dining there during Restaurant week, and as a born German, I vouch for the authenticity of Austrian flavor, taken to a higher level. During my visit at Wallsé I had an appetizer of Warm Smoked Salmon with pickled fennel, Quinoa and Salmon Roe. My main dish was a Wiener schnitzel made of pork, which was undoubtedly one of the best I’ve had. It came with a cucumber-potato salad, which was just incredible. I finished with a Quark Strudel with Apricots and Vanilla sauce. If fine dining is what you crave during this October Fest, then this is the place for you.


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Zum Schneider

Forever and a day, I am searching for authentic German Food. The restaurants that compared to the cooking I grew up with, were few and far between for the longest time, but over the past few years, this has dramatically changed. Zum Schneider in the East Village serves German food that made me smile. It actually looks German, and the staff is actually German! I went to eat with my daughter Sasha and her Godmother Doreen, who is my longtime friend, and we tried all the traditional dishes, and they were amazing. We had big soft pretzels, Weisswurst, pork roast with a potato dumpling, Wiener Schnitzel with potato salad, cucumber salad, Curry Wurst with French fries, and some red cabbage. This place is fun with excellent food and vibes.


For October Fest, their festivities are endless, including an Octoberfest tent. For more info click here.


Schaller & Weber

From 79th Street to 96th Street, spanning from 3rd Avenue to the East River in Manhattan is the area called Yorkville, also known as Germantown. It’s thick with German-American history, and although the residents are from all over the globe these days, you can still find some authentic German food in the area. Schaller & Weber is sort of a supermarket with a deli counter that will knock your socks off. If you are planning to cook a German dish during this October Fest, or even better yet, have your own party for which you would like to prepare some dishes, this is the place to go. I recently went there to shop, and I found some items that I haven’t seen since I left my country in 1987. Right next door to the market you find a tiny little kiosk, where you are being served German beer and Brats. I had some Curry Wurst, and I can’t wait to go back!


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In Queens, enjoy a 6 course Octoberfest meal for $65 at Zum Stammtisch in Glendale. You will also receive a small free gift. Live German music. Call for dates please.

In Brooklyn Radegast is having some major Octoberfest activity from September 16th to September 30th. They will host 2 bands each day, there will be a pig roast and Mug Holding Competitions!

On the Lower East Side in Manhattan Loreley is also participating in some good old German fun during September 16th and October 31st, featuring a Das Boot Party amongst other events.


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