What To Eat At Yankee Stadium

The regular baseball season is almost over, but there are still a few weeks left to catch a game! All the ballparks all over the US have revamped their stadiums in a major way over the last decade, and Yankee Stadium is no exception. I attend at least a couple of games every year, and you can only imagine my search for the best hot dog and beyond. Here are some ideas to chow down in the Boogie Down!

A hot dog is kind of a must at any ballpark, and of course the hot dog stands are strategically placed all over Yankee Stadium. My personal favorite is the Hebrew National Footlong in section 203. Beware, it’s where the infamous Bleacher Creatures are housed. In section 314 I found the Tostitos stand, where you are being served Tostitos, Doritos, or Fritos with all the traditional Nachos toppings right out of the bag. It’s nowhere near gourmet food, but it’s the most delicious mess you’ll ever eat. Their stands are also in sections 233 A and 327.

If you’re in the mood for a more gourmet kind of sandwich, then do wander off to section 133, and get yourself a pulled pork sandwich at Mighty Quinn’s. They offer a full menu of BBQ items, but my favorite is the pulled pork, it’s scrumptious. A little further down, in section 134, you will find Lobel’s. Right next to their impressive meat locker, they serve an amazing steak sandwich with gravy and a horseradish sauce. You can also find them in section 321.

NYC’s Parm is an Italian eatery located all over New York, including Yankee Stadium. In section 104 they serve up their yummy Chicken Parmesan Sandwiches. They are advertised as heros, but don’t let that fool you, they are on rolls. Well worth it though, they’re very good.  Boar’s Head serves up sandwiches in section 113, my favorite being the Cuban sandwich.

If it’s a burger you’re in the mood for, walk over to section 132 for a Bareburger. Their turkey burger is one of my favorites altogether, and they do a pretty good job there. NY Grill has sliders served with cheese and onions that are mouthwatering. Find them right at the entrance of Gate 6.

Some other suggestions are in the Food Court in section 126. Ben and Jerry’s and Hale an Hearty are comforting us with familiar flavors. Nathan’s brings a taste of the Brooklyn Boardwalk to the Bronx Stadium. At a chilly night game I imagine the Noodle Bowl will keep you warm with their products! Below find a map of each level with more food vendors! Enjoy!

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