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Are biscuits a Southern thing? Or a generally American thing? Probably both. To me, I naturally connect biscuits with southern food, comfort food, soul food. Here in New York City, there aren’t many places that specialize in biscuits and biscuit sandwiches. They are most likely not too hard to find, many menus all over the five boroughs will feature them, but actual biscuit centric restaurants are few and far between. I happen to love these sandwiches, and I am so sure you do as well, or will after you tried them, so here are three of them for you to check out!

Butterfunk Biscuit

For now, Butterfunk Biscuit is a restaurant that delivers and does curbside pickup. As we speak, a new restaurant on 128th Street in Harlem is near completion, and I am pretty excited about it. Chef Chris Scott, who appeared in Bravo’s Top Chef season 15, was a favorite of the viewers, and because of his warm heart and authentic nature, he will always be one of those contestants you just won’t forget. After visiting his (now closed) restaurant in Brooklyn, I couldn’t have been more excited to learn about his biscuit place downtown.

I ordered for curbside pick up, and it was quick and easy. I ordered three sandwiches, knowing they were going to be delicious. My choices were: Smoked Salmon Biscuit (with smoked Atlantic Salmon, chive creme cheese, sliced cucumber, gribiche on an Everything Bagel, the Crispy Fried Chicken Sandwich (with fried chicken, whipped pimento cheese, hot honey, bread an butter pickles on a Lemonade Buttermilk Biscuit), and a Chopped Cheese Biscuit (with chopped beef, cheddar cheese, sazon ketchup, lettuce, tomato and crumbled Takis). Can I get a Hell Yeah? They all were bigger than the usual biscuit sandwiches, and all hit the spot. The flavors were unique, well put together and thought out, and I will have the Chopped Cheese Biscuit many more times. Amazing. I’m looking forward to the new restaurant.

Harlem Biscuit Co.

Harlem is where it’s at! I personally love the neighborhood. There is so much authenticity and “real” New York flavor there, I absolutely treasure it. Of course you can get some of the best biscuit sandwiches here. Chef Melvin Johnson (of Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, Late Night Chef Fight), and his business partner Warren Satchell have carved themselves out a spot on Frederick Douglass BLVD, delivering, serving curbside, and even offer some outside seating. Harlem Biscuit Company is immensely popular, the line gets long. The sandwiches are named after African American icons, and they taste appropriately legendary.

I visited with my friend Dom, who is also a food blogger, and knows her stuff. I ordered the John Lewis (handcrafted Hot Chicken with house made slaw and a pickle), and Dom had the Bodega (Bacon, egg and cheese). The biscuits themselves taste of tradition, home and craft, the toppings are excellent. I’m loving this place!

Biscuits & Beer

OK, so let’s go to Brooklyn. Biscuits & Beer is a very special place. I’ve visited on a warm and sunny day, sat outside, and thoroughly enjoyed the Brooklyn ambiance in the beautiful weather. Christopher Gandsy is the Chef here, and also happens to the the master brewer! Yes, he makes beer here, besides his amazing biscuits. Taking over the traditions and recipes of his beloved grandmother, you can taste the heritage and the culture in his food, and he is topping it off with some amazing brewskis. Can it get better than this? I beg to differ.

What did I eat? Too much probably, as usual, but it was worth it. I tried a Fried Green Tomato with a buttermilk biscuit, a Carolina Pulled Pork Biscuit with red cabbage (Mama Gandsy), one with bacon, pickled red onions and avocado (Heavenly), a Hot Chicken Biscuit, and last but not least The Freckle (with sugar, cinnamon and raisins). Which one was my favorite? I honestly don’t know. They all were top of the line. This place is a must for the summer.

Author: Gotham Foodie

Hello there, fellow foodies! My name is Erica, I was born and raised in Germany, and moved to the US, New York City to be exact, in July of 1987. I have worked most of my time here in the Big Apple as a bartender, but my true love is food. I cook just about every day, I search for good food everywhere, and pretty much always find it. I don't consider myself a food critic, I don't have the culinary background for that kind of expertise. I do however know good food, good chefs and good restaurants. I report back about my culinary adventures, and I choose to leave out my unsatisfactory experiences. We have enough negativity in our daily lives, I don't want to add to that. All the recipes in my FROM MY KITCHEN and DOTW blogs are cooked and prepared by me. All pictures are taken by me. I don't always eat everything you see in my pictures, but you bet your buns, I do try everything. Last but not least, you should know that I am a huge Top Chef fan. I have never missed an episode of the Bravo TV show. I have at this point visited almost 20 restaurants run by Top Chef contestants, and I'm continuously impressed by their skill, drive and passion. So I will continue to seek them out, and I hope you join me in my journey!

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