#DOTW: Frozen Raspberry

People keep saying that summer is almost over. Well according to the mosquito bites on my arms and legs, and according to my electricity bill hyped up by my air conditioner, I beg to differ. Officially summer doesn’t end until September 22nd, so I wish people would stop saying that! Either way, here is another summer cocktail, just to celebrate the middle of summer. Don’t be fooled. We’re only half way there, and we deserve a frozen drink! Or two! This cocktail was supposed to be blue, but somehow I managed to make it green. If you want it any bluer, don’t add as much orange juice, and more Blue Curaçao. It tasted delicious no matter what color!

What you’ll need:

Add all ingredients in a blender with plenty of ice. Blend until smooth. Pour into tall glass, and garnish with a slice of orange.


Author: Gotham Foodie

Hello there, fellow foodies! My name is Erica, I was born and raised in Germany, and moved to the US, New York City to be exact, in July of 1987. I have worked most of my time here in the Big Apple as a bartender, but my true love is food. I cook just about every day, I search for good food everywhere, and pretty much always find it. I don't consider myself a food critic, I don't have the culinary background for that kind of expertise. I do however know good food, good chefs and good restaurants. I report back about my culinary adventures, and I choose to leave out my unsatisfactory experiences. We have enough negativity in our daily lives, I don't want to add to that. All the recipes in my FROM MY KITCHEN and DOTW blogs are cooked and prepared by me. All pictures are taken by me. I don't always eat everything you see in my pictures, but you bet your buns, I do try everything. Last but not least, you should know that I am a huge Top Chef fan. I have never missed an episode of the Bravo TV show. I have at this point visited almost 20 restaurants run by Top Chef contestants, and I'm continuously impressed by their skill, drive and passion. So I will continue to seek them out, and I hope you join me in my journey!

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