5 NYC Tacos

I mean, honestly, everyone loves tacos, right? Maybe because there are so many variations and flavors and ingredients possible? Tacos can literally make anyone and everyone happy. Here in NYC tacos are plentiful. From street food to upscale dining, they are everywhere, and I have had more than a handful over the years. Last year I highlighted what I thought were some of the best tacos in town, and I feel obliged to add to them, some of these can’t stay unmentioned. Have a taco road trip via the subway! Sounds like the perfect excursion to me….


Oxomoco is a fairly new restaurant in Greenpoint (right next to Williamsburg). Lots of people were raving about it, so obviously I had to give it a try, and I was not disappointed. It’s a beautiful spot resembling sun drenched eateries in Mexico. In my humble opinion the best taco on the menu there is the Lamb Barbacoa with salsa de pipicha, upland cress and squash blossoms. Juicy and different, it’s just outstanding!

Taco Mix

Taco Mix is located on 116th Street in the heart of Spanish Harlem. Over the years there have been a lot of immigrants from Mexico settling in the area, so it’s only logical that you’ll find a great taqueria here. I’ve been hearing a rumble about their Al Pastor Taco, and you can’t rumble around me without me wanting to get in on it. Al Pastor means pork cooked shawarma style, served with fresh pineapple. They were of course super delicious. Make sure you have their green salsa with it!

Sabor A Mexico Taqueria

Sabor A Mexico is right on the Lower Eastside, First Avenue to be exact. It’s super tiny, with about 4 tables, one waitress and a tv showing soccer games. I shared an order of soft Chorizo tacos (with homemade chorizo) with my daughter, and we both absolutely loved them! You just get a very authentic feel here!

Tulcingo Del Valle

Tulcingo Del Valle is located all the way on the Westside, it’s located on 10th Avenue and 47th Street. Everything here is simple and fresh, including the decor. Tacos? There’s the usual suspects, just even better than usual. I asked which would be the best one, and I was referred to the fried pork taco, and he was correct, it was excellent and loaded with green salsa. Amazing.

Aguilar’s Mexican Grocery

Aguilar’s Mexican Grocery might just be my favorite go-to in the Bronx. Yes. You’ll have to get on the Express Bus and head north to be lucky enough to score a taco here. Get off on Hone Avenue, and it’ll be literally right in front of you. This is not only my most beloved taco spot in the Bronx, but maybe my number one altogether. Besides mouth watering Mexican food you can also find all sorts of foods imported from Mexico here. Just a great place. The taco above is the Chorizo taco “with everything”, you guessed it: my fa-vo-rite!!

Author: Gotham Foodie

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