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Lord knows, I love me some oysters! Fried, baked, any old way, but raw is definitely my favorite. I didn’t get into oysters until a few years ago, when I first tried them in Boston, but it has been a love affair ever since. They are not always super affordable, but when you’re a foodie, you find a way! Below find five Happy Hours in Manhattan that not only serve pretty yummy drinks for a discounted price for our beloved Happy Hour, but also fresh oysters for right around one dollar! You’re welcome.

Bell Book & Candle

This charming below ground restaurant is located in the West Village. Their Happy Hour spans from 5:30 to 7:30 Sunday through Monday. Draft beers are $5, wines $6, and specialty cocktails are $4 off. Oysters are $1 each. I had some delicious Beausoleil Oysters on my visit here, and I loved this place!

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Grand Central Oyster Bar

I mean you kinda have to go. New Yorkers are so used to living in this city, that they easily overlook its beauty. Next time you catch a train from Grand Central, take a good look around. It’s breathtaking. And stop by the Grand Central Oyster Bar for Happy Hour! The place is gorgeous! High, curved ceilings, rushed waiters, commuters, business people just having left work, tourists, it’s just like a train station with food and booze. It’s lovely. Happy Hour is only served at the bar area between 4:30 and 7, Saturdays 1 and 5 pm. A glass of wine will run you $7.25, a beer $6.25, and cocktails $9. Fresh Bluepoint oysters are $1.25, plus there are quite a few other seafood dishes discounted.

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The Flower Shop

The Flower Shop is a pretty interesting spot! Located on the Lower East Side you will find yourself going back in time. To the 70’s to be exact. Food and drink are served on two levels, and has raving reviews. I was interested in Happy Hour, and I was not disappointed. Wines, Beers, and mixed drinks (containing house vodka or tequila) are $5 each. You will find the usual bar food ranging from $6 to $15, but the shining star are undoubtedly the Pink Moon Oysters with a Cucumber & Yuzu Mignonette. They were fresh and plump, the mignonette was super delicious.

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Cajun Sea and Oyster Bar

Smack dead in the middle of Midtown Manhattan you will find this large eatery, that is known for fresh seafood, clam bakes and crab legs. I suspected a great Happy Hour, and was of course correct! Every day between 4 and 8pm, beers are $5, wines are $8, well drinks are $8, and pitchers are $9. There are also pairings: 6 oysters (Blue Points) and a glass of sparkling wine will cost you a meager $13, and if you pay cash, you will get an extra 5% off. The combo was fresh and delicious, the sparkling wine was very nice. Two thumbs up.

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Dock’s Oyster Bar

This Upper Eastside Restaurant is spacious, busy and packed with business people at Happy Hour. Monday through Friday from 3 to 7 pm, and Saturdays and Sundays from 1 to 7 pm, you have a great array of discounted drinks: $4 beers, $7 wines, well drinks are between $6 and $7.50. The Oyster Du Jour is $1 (I had Glacier Bays), and of course there are other seafood items discounted for Happy Hour. It’s a classy place with very fresh seafood, it’s a must try.

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