Best Pies To Order Online

The holidays are here! Most of us are writing our shopping lists, dusting off recipes and do all kinds of things to get prepared for the big feasts. Thanksgiving is in a little more than a week, and a pie or two is a must. I don’t know about you, but I work full time, and I even though I make most of my dishes from scratch, I never find enough time to bake a pie, so I end up buying one. Technology has us looking up pies we can order online, but the options are endless, it can get confusing. Here are some ideas on where to order your holiday cakes!

Pumpkin Pie


Grand Traverse Pie Company makes a pumpkin pie that was described as having a dense, mousse-like texture and a crust detail that won Country Living Magazine’s hearts! At $29.99 plus shipping and handling, it sounds like the smart thing to do!

Sweet Potato Pie

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Chesapeake Bay brings you this gem for the holidays. Described as having a flaky tender crust and a sweet filling with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. This baby will run you $44.95, which is on the high end, but looks absolutely amazing, and I would undoubtedly give it a shot.

Pecan Pie


Three Brothers Bakery ships out my favorite pie of all! I love me some pecan pie, and this one looks so good. It is said to be award winning and is made from scratch. Use coupon code THANKS510 for orders before Thanksgiving to save 10% on this pie that is priced at $22.95.

Apple Crumb Pie

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Carousel Cakes offers this bestseller baked with cinnamon apples in a flaky homemade cookie pie crust topped with streusel crumbs. I can only imagine heating this up and having some salted caramel or vanilla ice cream with it. At $26.95 it is not going to break your bank.



Achatz Handmade Pie Company will mail you this outstanding pie made with locally grown cherries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. The pies are handmade without preservatives and flash frozen. They look absolutely delicious! Order them priced at $49.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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