Do you ever long for the days of your childhood? I do! Things were so much less complicated. Our biggest problem was homework. Calories? Who cares. Hours of play (outside in the good old days) burned off whatever I just munched on. Chicken nuggets were totally the thing then, and of course I spoiled my kids with nuggets and fries many times. These days I try to stay away from deep fried goodies, but when I do crave them, I look outside of the fast food box. I do love me a box of Chick-Fil-A nuggets, but I also am game for the extraordinary. Below find a few examples of what goodies I found in Manhattan in the matters of chicken nuggets!

The Nugget Spot

Located on East 14th Street, the Nugget Spot does just what it says: spot you with nuggets. May I say it’s about time someone thought of this? It’s simple: Pick your nuggets, pick your sauce, pick your side and drink, picture yourself being 10 years old, watching tv after school. So awesome. Get the “Regs” or try out different flavors like Cheese ‘N’ Chong or Sriracha Nugs. I tried my luck with Cap’N Crunk and Tso Swag, and Lorda Mercy, they were so good! Skinny Nugs are pan seared with cajun seasoning and Mambo sauce, Mozzarella Nugs are vegetarian. Have some biscuits and fries, my favorites was Nacho Mac, sides hit the spot here. With over a dozen sauces, you are guaranteed to find a new favorite. Great concept, great food.


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Sticky’s Finger Joint

This place has several locations throughout New York, and with a similar concept, the focus here is on fried chicken bits. Chicken fingers and poppers (which are basically the nuggets with a better name) are the food of choice here. Get them just like that or in baskets with fries. Get them plain with dipping sauces, or tossed in a sauce like Buffalo Balsamic Blue or Salted Caramel Pretzel. Here I tried out the Thai Fiesta Nuggets and the General Sticky Tso. Everything here is different than anywhere else, like the S’More Fries. Yesssss you heard correctly. It’s out of control, and I love it. This place is magnificent and will surprise even the most hardened foodie.

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The Milton

Ok, so The Milton is not actually a Nugget restaurant, but it you are in the mood for that childhood treat in a really, really grown up version, then this is the place. This restaurant on the Upper Eastside serves up all kinds of tasty treats, but their Truffel Chicken Nuggets are the bee’s knees. Chicken and truffles fried in Panko bread crumbs with sides of Truffle Aioli and Yellow Beet Sweet Dip are the most luxurious and scrumptious nuggets ever. While you’re there: have some deviled eggs with Lump Crab meat. You’re welcome….

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