Favorite Steak Frites

It’s very simple: steak and French fries. The French way. Meaning it comes with Béarnaise sauce, herb butter, or even a peppercorn sauce. It’s French, what can I say? It’s delicious. And yes, I had a few of them on the island of Manhattan, and of course New York has some amazing samples of this delicacy. Here are some of my recommendations!

Minetta Tavern


This venue has a highly coveted Michelin Star, so this MacDougal Street mainstay is promising great food upon entry. Classic, old-fashioned and upscale, it is impressive and a tad bit exciting. I’ve had several dining experiences here, and it’s always a hit. The Steak Frites is top of the line here, with an ungodly amount of delicious fries. One tip: if you can’t decide between herb butter and Béarnaise sauce, they’ll give you both…..

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DB Bistro Moderne

Daniel Boulud is the master of French food in New York City, or at least one of the major ones. He has several bistros and restaurants here, and I’ve been to most of them. DB Bistro Moderne rocks, and their Steak Frites is all that. A juicy hanger steak with a mixed green salad and sweet corn and leek relish are accompanied by a cup full of crispy fries, I loved this one!

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David’s Cafe


This little gem is in the East Village, St. Mark’s Place to be exact. I dined here on a warm spring evening, and with the large windows open, it was a nice time with a beautiful breeze. Their Steak Frites is nothing to scoff at. Cooked to perfection with herb butter and confit shallots, this 8 oz hanger steak was unbelievably good!

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Le Relais De Venise L’Entrecôte

This lovely bistro serves only one thing: Steak Frites! There are a couple of options as far as appetizers go, but the main attraction is their steak. When you are ready to order, you inform the waitress of how you like your steak cooked, upon which you will be served a delicious little salad with walnuts and mustard based dressing. Then here comes your sliced steak with their famous herb sauce (rumored to include anchovies). It’s of course amazing, the fries are on point, and you are offered refills as you are still working on your last bite of steak. Great place…

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The Odeon


The Odeon is a wonderful brasserie in the West Village. Going strong since the 1980’s, it’s extremely popular, bustling and fun. The food here is solid and of high quality, so don’t expect frills, but just great food that you will remember. The Steak Frites here is a New York Strip steak with a scrumptious Béarnaise sauce, covered in the most amazing fries. Simple and well cooked, it’s on my list of best Steak Frites for sure…

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